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solid wood tv stand with two drawers

Rustic TV Stands by Funky Chunky Furniture.


TVs can do all sorts these days, from the normal watching your favourite television shows and movies to playing games, browsing the internet and even video calling. This means that you probably also have a lot of other equipment to go with your state of the art 4K or curved LED widescreen, including blu-ray players, DVD players, TV boxes, games consoles and many different remotes with too many buttons to understand - and lets not even start on the masses of messy wires all over the place.

Luckily, we just happen to have a selection of solid wooden TV Stands for you to choose from, available in different lengths to suit your screen size, and different styles to suit the decor in your home. All stands are finished in our signature Rustic style and are customisable with your choice of one of our stunning fine wax finish polishes, allowing you to select the perfect colour to match your living room. All of this lets you enjoy your TV just how it is meant to be.

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