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Wax Finish

Why choose a wax finish? 

Many people mistakenly consider a wax finish to be inferior to other finishes such as varnish, oil and lacquer. This arises from the cure of varnish and lacquer which forms a harder coating like a skin over the timber. These finishes are ideal for a wooden floor where a tougher surface is needed and wax would not be as durable. A wax finish, however, is perfect for a variety of indoor furniture. Why? The answer is simple; wax has a major advantage over all other products, where its beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Wax has a distinctive finish like no other, and it can highlight all the natural, unique markings of the wood which is distinctive and aesthetically pleasing.
Wood wax is also very easy to restore or repair. Accidents and age are part of the life of furniture, and while some markings can only add to the charm of our wood products, occasionally a little help is needed. If you can use furniture polish, you can restore your furniture to its former glory with wood wax, it is that easy. This makes a wax finish an ideal choice when you want furniture that is guaranteed to last and easy to maintain.
To restore other finishes such as lacquer and varnish, the furniture has to be sanded back to the bare timber. This is extremely time-consuming, even with a power sander, because you need to get into all the nooks and crannies if you want to do a quality job. Then you have the task of applying the finish, which would initially have been applied professionally via a spray gun. I am assuming you do not have a spray booth conveniently installed in your home? No? You would then need to apply the lacquer or varnish by brush, avoiding drips and streaks that would mar the end finish, and waiting several hours between coats. Of course, it is possible that when done well, this can result in a good job, but as well as being labour intensive, it will never be to the same standard as when you bought the item. Ultimately life is too short, which is why most people end up replacing worn varnished and lacquered furniture rather than restoring it. A wax finish is cost effective as well as beautiful and you will never regret its purchase.
To apply a new coat of wax, and restore your furniture to its mint condition, simply clean the item, ensuring that it is free from dust; use a lint free cloth to apply a small amount of wax whilst rubbing in the same direction as the grain of the wood. Cover the entire surface area and leave to dry for 5-15mins. Then simply buff the surface to a new, shiny, beautiful, finish. Done!
At Funky Chunky Furniture we sell coloured wax in convenient sizes, or you can use standard, clear Beeswax as an alternative.

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