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Wax Care Pack

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    Wax Care Pack


    Wood wax has a distinctive finish like no other, and it can highlight all of the natural, unique markings of the wood which is distinctive and aesthetically pleasing. Is also very easy to restore or repair, compared with other finishes such as lacquer and varnish, where the furniture must be sanded back to the bare timber and then re-applied with professional tools.

    Our wax care packs are the ideal way to care for your Funky Chunky shelves or furniture. We understand that accidents happen, so these packs include everything you need to recover your shelf or furniture from bumps, knocks or scrapes that they may take in the home. You can even use them to just keep your items looking in top condition.

    Each pack includes:

    • 1 tin of wax
    • 1 piece of sandpaper
    • 1 wax application cloth

    To apply a new coat of wax, and restore your furniture, simply wipe over the item, ensuring that it is free from dust, then use the applicator cloth to apply a small amount of wax whilst rubbing in the same direction as the grain of the wood. Cover the required area and leave to dry for 5-15mins. Then simply buff the surface to a new, shiny, beautiful finish. Check out our video guide below:


    Our wax care packs are dispatched within 1-2 working days of placing your order, and are sent first class via Royal Mail.


    Brand : Funky Chunky Furniture

    Condition : New

    Product Code : FCF-4444