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Oak Shelving by Funky Chunky Furniture
How many other timbers can boast that they are traditionally modern!

Traditional Oak Sleepers

The sleeper has been around some time now; in fact, long before the steam engine was introduced to the railway, sleepers were used on roads in rails known as wagon ways. These wagon ways can be dated back to the 1500s in Europe, so if over 500 years of service does not qualify as traditional, what does?

Modern Oak Sleeper Furniture
Since the 1990s, interior designers across the world have been using  sleepers for a variety of innovative purposes including  coffee tables, dining tables, stairs, mantle pieces and shelving.  In structural design, you name it, they have probably done it with sleepers.  Why? Because how can something this traditional and versatile, ever go out of fashion.

Its beauty and life is written in its unique markings: old cracks, shakes, waney edges and charming knots, married with a fresh cut, oak  look, that will always be preserved indoors. Oak sleepers are equally at home  in New York Penthouses as they are in  quirky old English country houses.  There is not a room in your house that will not be graced by  an oak sleeper. Its uses are many and varied and no home should be without this stylish addition.

Oak sleepers are an "air dried" timber. This means that the beautiful cracks, features and character of the timber will most likely continue to have a small amount of movement until the oak is in perfect equilibrium with its new environment.
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