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Oak Shelving by Funky Chunky Furniture


How many other timbers can boast that they are traditionally modern?


The beauty of our oak is written in its individual characteristics which can include cracks, shakes, waney edges, knots, sticker shadows, twists, bows and more. Each piece boasts its own unique feature, meaning no two pieces are the same.


Oak sleepers are an "air dried" timber, this means that the beautiful cracks, features, and character of the timber will most likely continue to move until the oak is in perfect equilibrium with its new environment. During this time, you may see cracks, splits, bows and twists continuing to develop. Placing your item above or near to a heat source can cause this movement to exaggerate the timbers natural features further. This movement is completely normal and simply enhances the natural beauty of the timber. This ultimately results in a feature in your home that is truly one of a kind.

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