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Hetton Bracket Shelves

Hetton Bracket Shelves - Metal Brackets and Wooden Shelves

Hetton Metal Bracket Shelves with Solid Wood Shelf in Gothic Wax Dark Finish Hetton Metal Shelf Bracket

The Hetton Shelf Bracket and its simplistic design creates a sophisticated shelving solution.

Our Hetton Bracket Shelf sets come with the shelf of your choice, and the right number of brackets for the length of shelf that you choose. A pair of brackets for most lengths, or three brackets for longer lengths. 

The sets also come with the fixings you need to install it into a solid or stud wall. 

How to Shop our Hetton Bracket Shelves:

You've already chosen your bracket. Now you need to:

1. Choose the bracket and shelf combination that you like.

2. Then select the length you need, and your wax finish colour. 

Bracket Shelves can be used on any wall type

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Hetton Bracket Shelves - 9x1.5 Rustic Shelves
From: £54.00
Slimline rustic wooden shelves and sophisticated brackets
Hetton Bracket Shelves - 9x1.5 Smooth Shelves
From: £54.00
Narrower profile wooden shelves pairs with these metal brackets
Hetton Bracket Shelves - 9x2 Rustic Shelves
From: £56.00
One of our most popular shelves, just chunky enough to make a statement
Hetton Bracket Shelves - 9x2 Smooth Shelves
From: £56.00
One of our most popular shelves, the perfect combination
Hetton Bracket Shelves - 9x3 Rustic Shelves
From: £59.00
A charming country feel, another favourite with customers
Hetton Bracket Shelves - 9x3 Smooth Shelves
From: £59.00
Contemporary in style, rustic in nature, great combination with these metal brackets