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Here at Funky Chunky Furniture we make our furniture so chunky and robust that we are happy to put our money where our mouth is. 

We offer long Guarantees to back our hand crafted furniture for years to come so you can be certain that when buying funky and chunky you are making a wise investment indeed.

To fully enjoy your purchase,  you need to understand  how to  clean and protect your furniture, easily and with confidence.  The rustic style of Funky Chunky Furniture has inherent  features  of  old shakes, striking knots and all the variants of the natural beauty of Mother Nature. 


We provide a Funky Chunky Guarantee for standard domestic use on items displaying the Guarantee Logo. For Commercial Guarantees please contact us separately.

TLC for your Furniture

You can preserve your Funky Chunky Furniture with a little routine maintenance that will ensure its beauty lasts a lifetime. The upkeep of your Funky Chunky Furniture is essential to the validity of its Guarantee, and unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for problems that occur from the use of strong cleaning products and abrasives which will react to natural wood,  and harm the furniture.  Further exemptions to the Guarantee include accidental and neglectful damage,  such as liquid marks, dents, scratches and standard wear and tear,  which you would expect to be excluded from any guarantee.

Show your furniture some love by following the advice on cleaning and protecting it properly; it will reward you with year after year of loyal service in return.  For advice on this, please see How to keep your furniture Funky and Fresh

Nature comes as standard


Funky Chunky’s rustic style products are enhanced by cracks, shakes, twists and all the natural features of beautiful wood.  These characteristics can be subject to some changes when they are introduced to a new environment, such as the climate in your home. These unique aspects of the timber are not defects, but natural occurrences of the charming individuality of solid, chunky timber. 

Please keep your invoice in a safe place to validate the guarantee.

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