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Floating Shelves & Mantels

Q. How do these shelves fit to the wall?

A. The floating shelves come with the concealed floating shelf brackets and pre-drilled holes in the back of the shelf, and the mantels are fitted with our keyhole brackets. Instructions for installation will be included, check out our video guides for further help with installing your floating shelves and mantel shelves.


Q. How much weight can the shelves and mantels hold?

A. Providing they are installed into a solid wall using the fixings we supply with the shelves and mantels, they can hold up to 35kg. 

Q. Will the timber have features such as knots or cracks?

A. Yes it is very likely that our timber shelves will have natural features and characteristics. The timber we use is solid air-dried oak, and kiln-dried pine which will contain features such as splits, cracks, knots, shakes, waney edges, bows and twists along with sticker shadows and machine marks in keeping with the rustic style. These features can continue to move until the timber becomes in perfect balance within its new conditions.

Q. What are the finishes and how are they applied?

A. In our oak range you have 4 different choices of finish - Natural Oak, English Oak, Sunkissed Oak and Smoke Oak. The finishes for the pine range are Walnut, Teak, Gothic, Light Oak, Medium Oak and Rustic Pine. The wax is applied by one of our skilled finishing technicians after the timber has been machined to the correct style. These colours, other than the Natural Oak, are the names of our wax finish options, which are expertly applied by our own finishing technicians. The Natural Oak finish is the shelf made to the point of waxing and then left unwaxed for you to treat with your own stain or wax.  

Q. I would like a different size to what you have listed, is this possible?

A. Yes we can cut to your own bespoke sizes providing they are still possible to ship. If you would like a different size length, in between the sizes available, we would normally ask you to purchase the next size up and then we will cut it down at no extra cost. For example, if you would like 113cm you should select 120cm. Please remember to send us
an email after checkout with your size details. If you require longer or shorter please send us your specifications and we will let you know if it is possible and provide you with a quote.

If you would prefer a different depth or height please have a look at our other shelves and mantels first and if nothing is suitable send us a message with your details and we will be happy to help.

Q. Can these shelves or mantels be fitted above a heat source such as a log burning stove?

A. Many of our past customers have purchased our mantels or shelves to hang above their log burner or fireplace, however we do recommend checking with the log burner or fireplace manufacturer’s guidelines before purchasing to find a recommended distance for fitting above. Please also be aware that fitting the timber directly above a heat source can cause the cracks to exaggerate and open up larger as well as possibly causing the timber to twist or bow.

Q. Can these shelves or mantels be fitted in a bathroom?

A. Many of our past customers have purchased our mantels or shelves to install in bathrooms. The timber is not treated to be around water, so we recommend to ensure that the room is kept well ventilated and any excess water is wiped away from the surface in good time.

Q. Do you have discount codes and coupons?

A. You can find out more about our special offers and discounts, here.

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