Handmade in Northumberland from 100% natural, British alpaca yarn, this collection of handmade cushions is truly beautiful. Alpaca fibre is comparable to cashmere - incredibly soft, fine and warm. But, with added benefits - it's durable and strong, it doesn't pill and is easily washed.

It's luxurious, but naturally robust, for everyday life. 

Named after the individual alpacas in the herd - each cushion is unique, a true one-off, handmade and handcrafted just for your home. 

First the alpacas are hand-sheared and their coat transformed into yarn. The alpaca yarn is pan dyed by hand, creating colours that can't be exactly replicated each time. The alpaca yarns are then hand-knitted to create these beautiful, soft and durable cushions. 

The cushion pads are also stuffed with Alpaca fibre too, which creates a dense cushion pad that is supportive and holds its shape. 

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