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Candles & Reed Diffusers

Handpoured and Sustainably Sourced Candles and Diffusers

A collection of luxury, sustainable and natural soy candles and reed diffusers. 

The candles are hand-poured and made with natural pure and environmentally friendly soy wax, which is 100% GM free, pesticide free and herbicide free. The result is a candle which burns evenly with minimal soot.

The reed diffusers are made from a non-toxic soya based carrier oil that's derived from renewable resources. The reeds themselves are innovative - they wick the oil up the full length of the reed, so there is no need to flip them like ordinary rattan reeds. 

The candles and diffusers are scented with fine fragrances that create a natural, authentic and instantly recognisable scent. 

Part of our home accessories collection, a range of carefully selected accessories, chosen to complement our handcrafted living room, dining room and bedroom furniture, as well as shelves