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Bracketed Shelves

Kitchen Shelves with Bowes raw steel hairpin shelf brackets  Bracket Shelves in Kitchen - Birtley Copper Bracket Shelves  Kitchen Shelves with Wingate industrial shelf brackets

Hetton Metal Shelf Brackets with Rustic Solid Wood Shelf  Wingate Industrial Metal Shelf Bracket and Rustic Wooden Shelf Armstrong Belt Metal Bracket and Rustic Solid Wood Shelf  Bowes Hairpin Metal Shelf Brackets with Chunky Solid Wood Shelf  Causey Metal Shelf Bracket and Rustic Wooden Shelf Birtley Iron Metal Bracket Shelf

NEW! Solid Wood Shelves and Metal Brackets

We're known for creating the finest handmade solid wood shelves. They're some of our best-selling products, and we've become experts in making pieces that really finish off our customers' rooms to perfection. 

Until now we've focused on our floating rustic, smooth and oak wooden shelves. But now you can have the same handmade wood shelves in your home, paired with beautiful metal brackets. Our new Bracket Shelves!

And wooden shelves with brackets means that they can be installed onto any wall in your home. It doesn't have to be a solid wall anymore! 

Our wooden shelves and brackets are sold as sets. We've done the hard work for you, by pairing the shelves and brackets, so you have the perfect combination of bracket shelves.

All you have to do is choose the bracket you like, select from the shelves that suit that bracket, and then choose your shelf length and wax finish. 

We've sourced handcrafted metal brackets and chosen a wide range of styles, from industrial brackets, rustic brackets, contemporary brackets and traditional brackets. There's also brackets shelves that will complement our existing furniture ranges, like the Bowes Brackets in Black, White and Raw Steel which are part of our Bowes Collection, and the Armstrong Brackets which complement our Armstrong wine racks. 

How to Shop:

1. Select the style of bracket you like

2. Then choose the style of shelf you want with that bracket

3. Choose your shelf length and wax finish colour

Each set of shelves with brackets comes with fixings for a solid wall too. 

For inspiration and to see what our wooden shelves and brackets look like in customers' homes check out these pictures of our bracket shelves and the rest of our collection in real homes

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From: £47.00
Chunky oak shelves. Perfect for creating a country cottage feel in your home.
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From: £37.00
A shallower depth makes these shelves perfect for smaller spaces. Paired perfectly with these handmade brackets
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Pelton Solid Wood Shelf & Brackets - 12x2 Rustic Shelf (29.5cmx5cm)
From: £64.00
The extra depth in these shelves gives extra storage space, overhanging these handmade metal brackets
From: £67.00
Chunky oak shelves. Perfect for creating a country cottage feel in your home.
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