Baltic Bed Frame

Floating Bed Frame | Funky Chunky Furniture

Floating Bed Frame | Funky Chunky Furniture
Floating Bed Frame | Funky Chunky Furniture
Floating Bed Frame | Funky Chunky Furniture
Floating Bed Frame | Funky Chunky Furniture
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Rustic and chunky, this solid wood bed frame has been designed to look like its floating.
Price: £561.00
Height: 67.5cm
Width: 158cm
Length: 205cm
Weight: 99kg

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Baltic Bed Frame


The ultimate piece of your solid wood bedroom furniture, this floating bed frame is made from the best quality pine timber, pieced together by hand in our own workshop in the UK.

With its natural rustic timber, this quirky design creates the illusion that the bed is floating. The perfect style if you love modern, loft style design. It also works well in smaller spaces, where the feel of a greater floor area helps to open the space up. 

To fit standard UK mattress sizes for double, king and super king. 


Solid. Chunky. Unique. Durable. Rustic.

  • Timber Type: Solid pine
  • Finish Style: Rustic
  • Wax Colour: Selection of 5 colours

Double Bed

  • Overall size: 158cm wide x 205cm long x 90cm high
  • Made to fit UK mattress size: 135cm wide x 190cm long (4ft 6in x 6ft 3in)

Kingsize Bed

  • Overall size: 173cm wide x 215cm long x 90cm high
  • Made to fit UK mattress size: 150cm wide x 200cm long (5ft 0in x 6ft 6in)

Super King Bed

  • Overall size: 203cm wide x 215cm long x 90cm high
  • Made to fit UK mattress size: 180cm wide x 200cm long (6ft 0in x 6ft 6in)

Unlike other bed frames on the high street, Funky Chunky Furniture bed frames are designed to last a lifetime.

Remarkable handmade quality. Rivals costlier high-end brands.
chunky solid wood furniture. No cheap, man-made materials.
Durable wax finish. Easy to maintain.


Solid Rustic Timber


To make these rustic bed frame we select top quality, unsorted, kiln-dried pine. Each bed frame is cut to size and finished in our signature rustic style. This leaves in lots of natural timber characteristics and features. Mother Natures own stamp of approval.

In this style you can expect to find splits, cracks, knots, shakes, waney edges, bows and twists, along with machine marks in keeping with the rustic style. These are the qualities that set our furniture apart from the rest. And due to the nature of solid wood every bed frame will be different. Truly unique. One of a kind. Please note that further movement may occur within the timber, particularly if the item is placed near to a heat source, which may exaggerate these natural features.


5 Fine Wax Finish Colours


To finish these chunky bed frame we use your choice of one of our supreme wax polishes. The finish is professionally applied with the highest attention to detail. And as the wax soaks into the different grains and features, it enhances their look and brings them to life. The available colours are:

  • Walnut
  • Teak
  • Gothic
  • Medium Oak
  • Rustic Pine

When viewing on screen, colours can look different from one screen to another. This makes it less reliable than seeing the real finished timber before your own eyes. Because you want the perfect colour for your home these finishes are available to purchase as small samples.


So nice... Beautiful design and will last forever. I love it! Best quality ever.


Sylvie on 


Quick & Easy Assembly


Assembling the bed frame takes no time at all and is a very simple process. Here is a quick summary of how to do it:

  1. Position the headboard in the location you would like it to be in your room.
  2. Place the 2 side rails on the floor near to where they will be joining the headboard and place the footboard at the bottom end of the rails.
  3. Attach one end of one rail into the headboard and then do the same with the other end of the rail into the footboard.
  4. Repeat this with the other rail and make sure all is firmly in place.
  5. Add the rails onto the frame and evenly space the gaps between them before using the fixings provided to screw in place.

It's that simple and all you need to do next is add your mattress and bedding. Check out our video guide for further help.


Care & Clean


Daily care of your Funky Chunky Furniture piece is really simple. Watch our 30second video to find out more. 


Future Maintenance with Wax Care Packs

We have wax care packs available to keep your furniture and shelves looking their best. They are a great to use every few months to make your piece look brand new all the time.

Theyre also brilliant for fixing damage. Order your wax care pack here.



Quick Turnaround & Delivery


As these solid wood bed frames are handmade we do require some time for manufacturing. This will normally take 25 working days. They will then be dispatched with a pallet delivery company. The courier will contact you directly to arrange a delivery date so please ensure to leave a contact number with your order.

The delivery will be a roadside pallet delivery so we recommend that two strong people are available to carry the item into the home. For queries about the pallet delivery service, please contact us at info@funky-chunky-furniture.co.uk

If you would like to return the order, please visit our Returns page for more information.

For more bedroom options, please have a look at our other bed frames and bedside tables.


Timber Full Of Unique Rustic Feature


These rustic bed frames are handcrafted from the very best quality solid pine timber. Also known as European Redwood. The grade of timber is known as unsorted, or premium grade. This is what is left over after all the lesser quality grades have been removed (or sorted). It is also a kiln-dried timber. This ensures the best possible finish and less chance of further movement.


Handmade In Our Signature Rustic Style


Solid wood contains loads of beautiful rustic character. And we just love it. That’s why we build our bed frames to show it off. In each piece of timber you can find features such as knots, cracks, splits, twists, bows and shakes, along with sanding marks in keeping with the rustic style. All being different and unique from one piece to another. Placing your item close to a heat source can cause movement within the timber which may exaggerate these natural features, particularly twists and bows.

But that’s not it. The main feature is the stunning wood grain running through the timber. Pale creamy yellow sapwood contrasts beautifully with the darker reddish-brown heartwood. And the growth rings are plain to see on the ends.


Hand Finished In Supreme Wax Polish


Because these features are what really define our products we like to make them stand out even more. To do this we use a wax finish. This is carefully applied to the timber in our workshop, enhancing all the natural features and wood grain.

Wax not only makes the timber look good, but it is also very durable. You can easily wipe away spillages. And cleaning is very simple. Just wipe with a clean cloth and warm water then leave to dry. But never use harsh chemical cleaners.


Future Maintenance With Wax Care Packs


We have wax care packs available to keep your furniture looking its best. These comprise of a small tin of wax, a piece of sandpaper and a cloth for application. They are a great to use every few months to make the coffee table look brand new all the time.

They’re also brilliant for fixing damage. A small amount of wax will fix a scratch. Or bigger damage can be fixed with a quick rub of the sand paper. Then use the wax to cover any bare timber and buff away. Order your wax care pack here.

Assembling Your Bed Frame

Assembling the bed frame takes no time at all and is a very simple process. Here is a quick summary of how to do it:
  • Position your headboard
  • Fix the base side rails to the headboard, next, position the base foot-board and fix to the base side rails.
  • Assemble the side rails to the foot-board bolting the brackets, then fixed the two marked slats to the supports on the side rails. The positions of the slats are marked out on the supports on the side rails. *(Please ensure there is a small gap at each end of the slats, so they are not touching the actual side rail).
  • Place the assembled side rails & foot-board in position. Hook the brackets on the side rails, and line the markings on the two slats to those on the base side rails. Screw the slats to the base side rails. *(Please ensure that all bolts are tight with Allen key).
  • Place the remaining slats in position, and fix them in place.

Its that simple and all you need to do next is add your mattress and bedding.




As these bed frames are handmade we will require approximately 25 working days to manufacture. They will be fully made up in our workshop and then passed through to the dispatch department.

In dispatch they will be checked over for quality before being packed in plenty of bubble wrap. The item is then loaded onto a pallet ready for the courier to collect.



Your bed frame will require up to 25 working days to manufacture before dispatch and will then arrive at your address on a pallet on a date arranged by yourself and the pallet delivery company. It is important to open your delivery as soon as it is received so that this can be checked over, and so that the wood can breathe.

For the delivery to take place you will need to leave a good telephone number with us for the delivery company to contact you on. This call will happen usually within a couple of days after dispatch and will allow you to arrange the delivery for a day which suits you well, normally within the next week or two*. If a phone number is not provided we cannot send the item and delays can occur until we receive one. Being a pallet delivery, this is classed as a roadside delivery and will require you to take the item from the pallet into your home, so it is advised that two people are available as the item can be quite heavy.

Once the order has been dispatched you will receive an email from us informing you of this. The phone call from the delivery company will then follow. On the date of delivery you must be available at the delivery address as the delivery company will only attempt one delivery.

If there is no one present to take delivery, the item will be returned to the depot to await further instruction. Any more delivery attempts will incur an extra delivery charge.

*There may be an extra 1-2 days for delivery to the highlands and isles of Scotland as well as Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands. International addresses, in Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands, could see an extra 4-7 additional days for delivery.




If you receive your order and you would like to return it, you can do so within 30 days of the delivery date. Please visit our Returns page for more information.

best timberwe only use the best, solid, chunky timber
skilled joinersproduced by our own skilled joiners in North East England
wax polishstunning wax polishes professionally applied

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